Monday, June 13, 2011

Pilgrims Rest Part 1

The thursday before camp our family set the tent up that we would be meeting in, it was an army tent that none of us had ever set up before but it went up pretty quickly (45 min.).
Friday we went up to the grounds and mowed, set up ping pong and foose ball, got all of our stuff settled in.
Saturday we put up a volleyball net and badmitten net, wired the tent and got everything ready, then most of the families arived. 

Sunday, we had our normal worship service at the meeting house.

Then everyone came back to camp for a baptism.

It was wonderful to hear people's testimonies.




Mrs. Doll.


And Benjamin.


The Lapore's

The Anderson's and LeClerc's.



Later that evening we had our first session.


Anonymous said...

those people in the pic titled "The Anderson's and LeClerc's."... are they from MA? cuz I'm pretty sure they've been coming to my church.


Natasha Denny said...

Yes, they do live in MA. That's kinda funny. I didn't know you all lived near each other, we could have come and visited y'all when we went to see them.