Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Part 2 - Monday at Family Camp

This was the first full day at PR, it is always very eventful. With all the games and team work, it really helps people to get to know each other.

I love this picture with Marshall helping Daddy. Marshall and Titus are best friends.


I think Marshall's a little young for three-legged race, but it was worth a try anyway.


 Just after I took this pic a lot of them tumbled over, and I missed it!

This was funny, everyone had to hop to the finish line without dropping the balloon.
So cute.
This is a hard one, we had to lay on the ground, put the spoon in our mouth, scoop only one jellybean, get up, and walk back to the starting line without dropping the jellybean.
Some went faster than others.

Try to pick up a toothpick with an oven mitt, its difficult.
passing water in a cup through a line of people young and older leaves you with practically nothing at the end.

Grammy and Ti.
It was so hot that after the relays with water, dad and Shay threw a bucket of water on me; that was the beginning of a really fun water fight.
Ping pong tournaments.
Amanda, cleaning up the remains of chicken divine. (That's what we are having tonight too!!)
Assembled under the tent for a session and some sword drills.

And last but not least, Mission Impossible. We had so much fun.

Till next time, (hopefully soon)


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