Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Past Few Day's

Saturday we finished all our wood!!!!!!!!
Sunday we did a concert, I didn't get pictures.

Today us girls went to the Barton's and picked carrots and tomato's, thank you Barton's.
Then we went and got apples. When we got home we canned the carrots and froze the apples, so we've been busy.
Tonight dad read to us and presently we are watching Rushdoony.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Our annual Ocean Day at Fort Popham

Josiah and Kayla took charge of it this year, it's always nice when someone else does something you don't have to worry about.
Who can blow the biggest bubble.

Singing in the tower, it has wonderful acoustics.
Most of the crew, I think the Barton's were the only ones left out of the picture.
Marshall, he's so cute.
The waves off the point, we walked down to them and Shay got in them. They were extra big because of the hurricanes.
we (our family and Sarah) went up to the other forts, they were pretty cool, I had never seen them before.
A tiny dark tunnel Seth, Shay and Sarah walked through.

It was actually very dark in here but I used the flash.

Shay and Sarah getting cold by the fireplace.

The fort from a distance.

We went for ice cream after.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We had a wonderful vacation. Here are the photos from it in reverse order because I was to lazy to completely flip it around. I will keep the sentences short because it is time to go to bed.
The Milette's were there as well.
Here is a broom standing on its own, no it is not leaning on the window.

Nobody wants their picture taken.

Seth and dad.
Ethan and the twins.
Marshall and Titus are so cute together.
Titus with mom and dad.
While we were on vacation we went to a bluegrass festival,
some of it was really good.
We got to see Third Time Out which is one of our favorite groups,
so that was cool.
At night we went field picking till midnight with some Friends.

I will be posting the fair, and ocean day next.

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