Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Past Few Day's

Saturday we finished all our wood!!!!!!!!
Sunday we did a concert, I didn't get pictures.

Today us girls went to the Barton's and picked carrots and tomato's, thank you Barton's.
Then we went and got apples. When we got home we canned the carrots and froze the apples, so we've been busy.
Tonight dad read to us and presently we are watching Rushdoony.

Posted by Natasha Denny


Jesse Milette said...

ha! looks like what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks only I am all by my lonesome (most of the time), and I am not even close to being done!

Shay said...

Oh wow, I feel bad for ya.

Joe Milette said...

Don't believe him Shay. He's got Josiah helping to load the BOBCAT (i.e: Machine loader - like you know, move huge pile of wood and dump it exactly where you want it!) and the twins stacking the wood in the garage!!! The ONLY thing he has to do is split it on a log splitter and chuck it on a bunch of pallets!!!!!!!!!

-Mr. Milette

Joe Milette said...

Then again...

Some of the pieces are a bit big - so I guess you can feel bad. :-)