Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Secret is Out

Hurray for the micro Denny's (Lance and Hannah)!!! They have been blessed by something little and sweet due to come into the world some time around July 24th.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years Eve

Christmas eve service


New years eve we played wist.

Pictures from our Trip to NC for Love The Church conference

Hello from a long absence.  Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of Christ, we certainly did. Because of the way blogger works All the pictures are backwards, so you can start at the bottom if you want:)
 New York city. We decided to drive back through it, it wasn't bad cause it was 2:00 PM. We saw the statue of liberty from a distance.

 The main sessions were held in this building. It snowed while we were down there, I think we brought the Maine weather with us.
 Dad. I'm not sure why his head was cut off.

 We stayed in the upstairs of this building.
 The Lapore's were there as well. This is Joshua.

 Panel discusion with some of the main speakers.
 Peter Bradrick singing with his son.

 We had the Mortons and the Kendalls over for a potluck.
 Mr. Morcraft's breakout session was packed, we had to stand up for the whole thing.
 Our room had 3 bunks a pull-out couch and a double bed.
 We played volleyball a lot.

 the Kendall's.
 the foyer.
 Mr. Brown and Mr. Phillips

 We only brought a little frying pan to cook on but it worked great because we precooked most things.
 The Sheets had some family's up for a camp fire.
 Lapore kids and shay.
 We went to Sight and Sound for a theatrical presentation of the Miracle Of Christmas.
 the theater could hold 2,000 people.
 Amish country.
 Amish buggy.
 watching Sherlock Holmes on dads laptop.
We watched movies the whole way down on the laptop.
 Sight and sound lobby.
 out front.
 The building.

Martin Guitar factory
 A shirt Roy Rogers really wore.
 The museum.
 Dad trying them out.
 Seth did too.
 Our tour guide showing us how they check the wood to see if its good. 
 The giant guitar.