Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Address

I was thinking, maybe I should change the blog address. I tried /thedennyfamily/ and /dennyfamily/ but they were taken so I tried /thedennyfamilysblog/ and it was available. What do all of you think? If I was going to change it I would need everyone to comment so I would know that you all know that it's changing. Or maybe I could just warn you all that it is changing within 3 months or so.
To comment just go to the bottom of the post, under the line and it will say, # comments, click on that.
Posted by Natasha Denny


The Sergeant said...

I think its a pretty good idea.
Although I think that you may just want to keep this blog online as well.
For the music ministry you know.
Look for a post on my blog tonight about an interesting topic.
By Conduct and Courage.

Seth did you tell???
--... ...--

Sarah said...

Okay. sounds good if thats waht you wanna do.

Natasha said...

Samuel, I'm not going to chang the blog, just the address. The thing is, when I tell people about our blog, they have a hard time remembering the address; so I think it would be best if it was more simple.

Hannah said...

Okie dokie. I'm commenting, so you know, that I know, about the potential blog name.

Jesse said...

im commenting :) just one thing, is this going to happen or is it still kinda in the grey?

Natasha said...

I don't know yet. Just thought I'd throw it out there.