Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Marshall

A year ago today, a little but huge gift from God came into this world.
A horrible thought is that this little boy could have had his life taken away if that is what Kayla had chosen. They say it's about choice, but what about the baby? I'm sure they would not choose death.
If that had been the case, so many would have missed this huge blessing that he has brought into our lives.
It is amazing that no matter how upset you are, if a baby smiles at you, it is almost impossible to resist smiling back.

We love you so much Marshall Philip!
Happy birthday!!

Posted by Natasha Denny


Emilu said...

Wow first to comment on this and Amanda's blog all in one day! Amazing! You are so right, the baby has no choice and often times the mother feels as if she has no other option. Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

Wise words, Tash! How could anyone want to destroy something that brings such blessings? Your colages and photos are superb! : )

Sarah said...

Love the picture with the orange! He is so cute!

Hannah said...

Great post Tash. I don't know how anyone could take the life of their child. It's a horrible thing.

Marshall is such a blessing! I love the mohawk!

Grammy said...

Ok you younger generation, in my day that hair style was called a "boston". go figure! We are richly blessed by the precious bundle!