Monday, October 31, 2011

We Made It Home Safely From Our Trip To NC

Well we made it home from our trip safely this morning, after driving 20 hours, and when we got here we were blessed with power! All the stores that we drove by this morning were out of power, so I guess we were really blessed. When we arrived the house was 45 degrees! Now its up to 55, wow:) Its hard to believe we already have snow.

OK enough pointless talk about the weather. We had a wonderful time of learning and fellowship this past week. The teaching was awesome, I would encourage you all to buy the cds or mp3s from the Gospel Centered Marriages Conference, you can by them at

I will be putting pictures from our trip up here soon.

May God bless you all as you serve Him.

~Natasha Denny


Peter said...

How much snow did y'all get up there? I heard we got over 15 inches up in Orange. And tell me about it, it's not supposed to snow this early on!! Glad you had a good time in NC and made it home safely!

Natasha Denny said...

I'm not sure how much snow we had around 8in, we got home after some of it melted.