Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Independence day (the beginning anyway)

We didn't know what we were going to do today, this morning, but as we were discussing it my aunt called and invited us to a watercraft race competition thing (I wont explain, it would take to long:), we decided to go and proceeded to make our rather strange craft. 


 This is the bottom
 My moms parents, and my grandmother's brother
 We were told we could not use paddles (which was not the case, oh well) so Seth had to swim with flippers.
 The closest craft is my aunts.
My uncle's family came in second place.

Later Lance, Hannah, and the Wardwells are coming over for a cookout and to play wiffle ball.


Sarah said...

Haha They actually came in 1st because the 1st place craft was disqualified! Apparently your not aloud to re-use year after year..haha

Natasha Denny said...

Thats great. That means they won 2 years in a row.