Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some photos taken with my new camera

I love this picture of Titus.

Seth got a turkey. The meat was so much better than turkey from the store.

Marshall trying on grampa's boots.

Looking at the balloon he got for his birthday.

Lance all dressed up in red sox clothes.

It was cold at the baseball game so Marshall wore grampa's shirt. He looks like a monk!

Our church plays baseball against other churches sometimes, this game they felt so bad, because the score ended up being 28 to 2, for us.

The cool cake Kayla made.

Bad lighting.


Emily said...

So you got your new camera! That's wonderful! Well done on the shots Tasha. And Kayla did a wonderful job on the cake.

Hannah said...

Nice pics Tash. I like the one of Shay.