Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrection Day

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and had to take a picture.
We arrived at the Meeting House and mom quickly found Marshall.

Tami, Jess and Beth in the foyer.
Eating breakfast inside.

It was so warm that some ate breakfast outside.

Shay and Marshall.

Marshall in his sharp suit.

Grammy and Marshall again.

Mr. Chick and Mr. Barton.


The young ladies in our church.

Visiting on the lawn after the service.

Holding bunnies before dinner.

All Shay's bunnies.

Thankfully it was warm enough to eat on the deck.
We weren't sure how we would fit in the house.

Haley with her brother Brice.

Clean up after dinner.

Posted by Natasha Denny


The Sergeant said...

That was a great day, thanks for sharing with us.
It was fun to have easter with you.

Amanda said...

The best day of the year!! How lovely and dapper everyone looked! You took some gorgeous photos Tash- lots of nice candid ones, which are the best! And I'm super glad you all enjoyed yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures Tash! :-)

Hannah said...

The picture of Amanda and Ruthie is really pretty.

john.e.boy said...

13 pictures down Lance looks like a secret agent guy on a mission...

The names...Lance...Fancy pance, Lance...


john.e.boy said...

either that or hes bowling with sunglasses...?