Friday, March 26, 2010


Last night Seth went fishing and caught a 16" brook trout.
Usually we can't fish until April 1st, but the Governor signed a bill that you can fish now because the ice went out so early.

This morning Lance, Seth and shay went fishing, shay came back early so she didn't get any fish but when Lance and Seth came back later they brought back two rainbow trout

Beauty! 16 1/2" Rainbow Trout. Yummmmmmmmmy!

Posted by Natasha and Lance Denny


Hannah said...

Those are some big fishies!

Jenna said...

those are big fish!!! i bet they tasted pretty good too!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome!! I really want to catch some trout this year.

Jesse said...

nice! those are so big they'd probably pull me right of the shore! LOL