Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sufficiency of Scripture Conference

The conference was awesome.

There was 2,600 people there, way more children than adults, just to be surrounded with that many Christians was incredible in itself.

The Northern Kentucky Convention Center.

The hotel Attached to the convention center.

Inside the hotel. There was glass elevators that ran up the side of the wall.

Us and the Lepore's

After the conference was over, they showed the Mysterious Islands. when it was over, they brought some of the people that were involved in the film, up on stage. They told stories and other things that were not on the movie, so that was neat.

Some of the people that watched the film.

Scott Brown and Doug Philips, concluding the conference.

the main conference room.

The Browns.

Bill Brown.

Swimming in the pool at the hotel.

Posted by Natasha Denny


Emilu said...

Great I am the first person to write a comment!=D Very nice to see the Lepore's again. And I think that shot in front of the bridge is awesome but a little touristy if that is a word but who cares! That hotel was huge! Seriously how many more exclamation points can I put on there? Oh and noticed that Seth wasn't swimming.

Amanda said...

As always, your photos were fantastic! I am so glad that you were able to go and experience great fellowship and teachings. It is so encouraging to be surrounded by fellow believers!
I agree with Em- the photo in front of the bridge is REALLY nice! ; )

Hannah said...

Wowzer! You really were in the city! Dito on the picture in front of the bridge. The elevators look like it would be really cool to ride on! This is coming from a person who is easily amused...but really, were they? =P It looks like a lot of fun! Oh, and I agree with Emily, it's nice to see the Lepore's again!

Natasha said...

Emm, Seth and I thought that we only had an hour to swim, so it wouldn't be worth it to have to get ready after. As it turned out we had a few hours; but it's just as well we didn't swim, cause the pool had so many chemicals that everyone got extremely itchy and red.

Hannah, the elevators were cool; but also a little scary going up to the 14th floor.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have gone!

Anonymous said...

(That was me, Lance)

Natasha said...

Yes. We so wished you would have been able to go as well.

Miss you.