Tuesday, December 8, 2009

canoe trip!

Posted by Lance Denny

Hi everyone,

Concerning the canoe trip, we could take a trip on our own, on some river [not sure which one]. It would be nice to hit a little whitewater.

It would prob'ly be a day trip, but it might work out to be a little longer.

Let me know your thoughts on it.

Thanks, Lance


Amanda said...

I think the idea of a camping/canoe trip sounds like a lot of fun, but knowing my Dad.... he is a little reluctant to sleep in a tent, even with a cot! Are you going to present this great idea to the church or are you wanting those of us who read the blog to discuss it with our families??

The Sergeant said...

I think that the camping idea is Great!

But the challenge will be to get our parents to let us do it. haha

Or something like that.

I think its a Riot that you guys stayed at our relatives in PA.

Jeff and Rhonda and their family.


Denny's said...

I do like the camp/canoe idea, but like you siad not everyone likes to tent. So yes you can talk it over with your families and let me know what works best for you all.


Sarah Knights said...

I think my dad would go, I,ll ask em all

Hannah said...

John and I think it would be fun, but I don't think my dad would be able to. Mom might like to do it though. Would Stephen be able to, or is he too young?

Denny's said...

It would be fine for stephen to come. He could ride in the middle of one of the canoes no problem.

I'm glad you all think its a great idea.


Sarah Knights said...

My parents are both interested though with all the lil kids...ya