Friday, September 25, 2009

One Afternoon.......we took pictures

I know I haven't posted in a while, we've been so busy. After camp we didn't stop till now, I HAD five minuet's, time is up. Oh well.
They smiled! wow!!!

Taking pictures after Church.

My handsome brothers.

Mom forgot to look at the setting on the camera before taking the picture, so the boy's are very blurry.

This pic. is for flyer's.

Standing on the slope of a hill shortest to tallest makes us all more the same height.

Family photo.

Pizza is calling! Gotta go.

Posted by Natasha Denny


Amanda said...

I love the photo with you all at an angle- too bad that the camera was finicky! I still think it's wicked cool, even though the guys are blurry. You're mom is great at placing people for photos. The family photo is sooo nice!

Hannah said...


BonnieJ said...

Woo! Nice pictures :)

I noticed that you guys were standing on a hill, and before I read the description I mentioned it to my husband that a family I knew had lined themselves up on a hill to all be the same height in a picture. lol ;)

Hope you guys are well!

Jenna said...

very nice pictures!!! I also like the one where all of you are at an angle!!

The Sergeant said...

I like the one that is for flyers
and the angle shot
there all nice though.

- Samuel

Natasha said...

Thank you all. Mom want's to do the angle picture again only this time not blurry.

Jesse said...

can't believe Seth let you take that...

Natasha said...

Lately (other than camp) he's been pretty good about that.