Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tour Pictures!

If you have seen the previous posts you would have seen that we went on a small eleven day tour.

Most of us enjoy traveling but the long rides can get very boring, Seth can always make me and Shay laugh especially when we've nothing to do.

Our concerts went well, for the most part and the people were very receptive. What more could we ask for?

There were a few people at this concert from a church dad used to pastor so that was nice.

This is on our leisure day, it was great to relax. We did have a concert that night but by this time we weren't getting very nervous at them.

Early morning fishing.

The sun was coming through the fog, it was beautiful.

This is in P.E.I.

You can't see it because the picture is so small, but almost all of them are smiling! If you've ever seen us in concert you know that we have a very difficult time smiling. So I ended up making a small sign that has a cheesy smile on it. At this particular concert our cousin (we were staying at my aunts house) was there sitting up front with us holding up the sign and making strange faces at us, so that helped!

P.E.I. is very windy and cold this time of year, so we were freezing while waiting for the pastor for fifteen minutes.

Everything is so red in P.E.I.

This stage was so small but we made do.

the people at this church were a great crowd to sing to and afterwards talk to.

The joys of traveling! And yes there are 9 people in an 8 passenger.

We took my aunt to see her daughter who was on the way to one of the places we were going to.

Belle with two of her pup's in Canada.

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Amanda said...

I'm so glad you were able to go on this tour, Tash, but boy did we miss you! Thanks for sharing some of your adventure- lovely photos! : )

Hannah said...

Great post! Thanks for the picture's. Can you upload them at your house now?

Hannah said...

P.S. I have the mission impossible song on a cd now. So, don't worry about getting one to me.

Natasha said...

Thank's for your comment Manda.

Hannah, we still can't put pictures on over here, Manda does it for us. Thank you Amanda!

P.S. Dad and Mom are thinking more seriously about hi-speed.

Carolj said...

Thinking seriously about hi-speed...HOOORAY!!! :D

Glad you had a nice tour....phew. That's a long time for that tiny SUV. Good job you guys!

Carolj said...

P.S. Added you all to my blog roll...sorry it took me so long to do it.

Natasha said...

Thank's Carol. We miss you all.

Anonymous said...

gotta love Shayla's face on that first photo :)

Jesse Milette